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Cancellable optimistic updates in Angular 2 and Redux

Sep 23, 2016
Angular 4 and redux] are 2 technologies that are getting a lot of traction these days. Angular 2 is a SPA (single-page-app) framework and redux is a state management tool. Most developers that are using Angular 2 are using the @ngrx/store variant of the redux principle. Because I'm one of them I will be using @ngrx/store instead of redux.js for this article. Don't let that bother you, what you are about to read can be used with redux.js in the exact same way.

How we made our app real-time in 6 lines of code

Sep 11, 2016
Kwinten Pisman and me were working on a workshop this weekend with the focus on Reactive applications with Angular, RXJS and @ngrx. Something that can't miss in a reactive workshop are real-time updates. The application we are trying to make real-time is the winecellar app (you can register an account here if you want to test it).

Components demystified

Aug 30, 2016
These documents are the beginning of a book (or a collection of documents) that will explain SPA-principles in depth. SPA's (single-page-apps) offer us the opportunity to create responsive userfriendly webapplications that have a native look-and-feel. However, with great power comes great responsability! It's not always easy to manage those SPA's when they tend to get big, and most of the time... they will! When applying the principles of 'spa concepts demystified' you should be able to create large-scale applications like it's 'a walk in the park'.

Modals in Angular 2

Aug 24, 2016
Since one of my late New Year's resolutions is blogging, behold my very first blogpost. For a customer of mine I had to implement modal-dialog functionality in Angular. As most developers would do in this scenario, I crawled the web searching for existing solutions.