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Safe image requests in angular

Oct 24, 2017
Since the browser just loads this image through a normal HTTP call, how is the server supposed to know if user A or user B is trying to consume an image? The server needs some kind of authorization to be passed to it. This article explains how to add security to images in Angular.

A scalable angular architecture (part 2)

Aug 13, 2017
A while ago I released a blogpost called "A scalable angular 2 architecture" which was all about creating large scale enterprise webapplications. In this article we will cover what sandboxes are really about and why I introduced them in the first place.

Thinking reactively in Angular and RXJS

Jul 25, 2017
RxJS is an awesome library that can help us with creating reactive web applications. Reactive web applications can be overwhelming in the beginning, but eventually, they can be really rewarding.This article is all about making the paradigm switch from thinking imperatively towards thinking reactively.

Infinite scroll in Angular an RxJS

Dec 21, 2016
This article explains how the "reactive-programming" approach helps us to create an awesome infinite-scroll-list in only a few lines of code. For this article, we are going to use RxJS and Angular.

A scalable Angular 2 architecture

Nov 9, 2016
This article might be more relevant for Angular 4 developers, but I believe it can be used with other frameworks as well. It's just a handbook for writing scalable and maintainable single-page-applications. It's important to note, that this is not the only way, but it's a way that works for me in quite a few situations.